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Golden Dashboard Screenshot - Overview Page

Recruit and retain lifelong volunteers, for free

Take back your budget and your time

  • Reach thousands of enthusiastic volunteers near you
  • Easily keep them coming back
  • Volunteers can choose to do instant and secure background checks
  • Encourage them to share your story and contributions


Golden Dashboard Screenshot - Overview Page

Communicate and Engage with your Nonprofit's Volunteers

Free tools make rallying your troops easier than ever before

  • Import lists of volunteers, donors, and supporters in seconds
  • Manage opportunities, collect registrations, message, and share from one browser tab
  • Automate the entire volunteering lifecycle with the world's best volunteer management software


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Volunteer Database

100% accurate visualizations, zero data entry

  • Dashboards rescue you from paperwork, and look gorgeous on any device
  • Automate common workflows with AI tools
  • See real time insights on your community, reach, engagement, and growth
  • Automatically update your existing CRM with Golden data in real time


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Golden Volunteer Opportunities

Reach way more people, nothing to install or replace

  • Post Golden Opportunities, share them with a link or widget, invite Affiliates, and review progress with a couple clicks
  • Add or remove world-class features any time: Insights, intelligence, and best-in-class tools
  • Integrate with NationBuilder, Kindful, HandsOn Connect, Salesforce and any other systems you already use


Golden Dashboard Screenshot - Manage Opportunity Page

Centralize communication and coordination with existing supporters

Golden is the world's leading volunteer management software. It supports CRM integrations, runs live background checks, and can easily be operated from any of your devices. Former Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg says she loves the idea behind the Golden app. Get started in seconds, and scale to support a global network of chapters and partners. Volunteer management has never been easier!

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