Golden's Day of Service

The painless way to organize a Day of Service, even during COVID-19.

  • Designed in conjunction with several United Ways, Golden’s new Day of Service feature is the first purpose-built module to optimize your most important events of the year.

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Manage everything in 1 place

Imagine a one-stop-shop to coordinate between all your partners and audiences.

  • Request, receive and curate submissions from your non-profit partners.
  • Assign opportunities to companies and automatically generate attendance reports for them in real-time.


Eliminate 75% of back and forth emails

Empower your partners access organization and reporting tools in their own Dashboard views.

  • Companies can manage and track attendance without needing to contact you constantly.
  • Non-profit partners get critical event management features like automated confirmation emails and Check-in Kiosks.
  • Automated data reporting for every audience.

Get your First Event for Free

The zero-effort way to manage your Day of Service, now available for free through the end of 2020 (and automatically part of all Professional plans!).