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Virtous Integration

The best software to schedule volunteers, manage programs, and track hours on Virtuous.

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100% of the power in 1% of the time

Give your fundraising team all the data that they need - automatically

  • Automatically update your existing records and reports in Virtuous with real-time Golden data
  • Eliminate all paperwork and manual processes of recruiting, engaging, tracking, and converting volunteers
  • See live visualizations of trends in your Dashboard without running manual reports

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Best-in-Class technology to improve your program

Turn on automatic background checks, digital waivers, parental consent, event reminders, and more in a high security and compliant environment.

  • Instantly get access to the world’s most awarded volunteer management features for automatic and secure handling of complex processes
  • Host public and private opportunities, recommend opportunities hosted by your partners, and enable anyone to viraly share links to your opportunities anywhere they choose
  • Comply with GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, ADA and other major regulations in the USA and around the world

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There's only one thing to make Virtuous easier and more powerful: Golden - the best software to schedule volunteers, manage programs, and track hours...automatically.

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