Original Research

In the future we imagine, everyone will spend more of their life engaged with their true calling, and every resource will be optimally allocated toward enabling higher quality of life.

That's a bigger picture than we can facilitate alone, and we are eager to get there faster.

Our team questions cultural norms, designs for belonging, pushes technology boundaries, and is inspired by ways artificial intelligence can accelerate a more positive human condition.

If any of this speaks to you, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with your academic, healthcare, publication, public sector, or private sector entity to advance research and development in the field.

Screenshots of Golden Volunteer Software

Selected Work

  • GivingTuesday

    Global volunteering and giving trends

  • National Commission for National Military and Public Service

    The future of civic engagement policy

  • IDEO

    Human-Centered AI models for personalized giving

  • University of Southern California

    Inclusive, compliant, dynamic, and empowering user profiles

  • United Nations Volunteer Groups Alliance

    Data and narratives surrounding achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG’s”)

  • Engage Journal

    Technology operationalization in the field of Volunteer Management

  • Realized Worth International

    Global Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) landscape


    Disruptive volunteering and corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) technology

  • Quest Diagnostics

    Patient wellbeing and population management

  • Harvard Business School

    Cross-sector leadership in times of crisis

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