Meet Your Donors in their
“Golden Moments”

Whoever and wherever they are

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Every journey has a destination donation

Many have several and some never end:

  • Unlock lifetime value - volunteers donate 10x more than non-volunteers
  • Fundraise with end-to-end, 360-degree engagement context
  • Welcome to “Participant-Centered Development”

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Unprecedented Access

Right place, right time, every time

  • Reach every device anywhere in the world
  • Push, SMS, and email, from you and donors' peers
  • Respects donor preferences

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Powered by AI

Work smarter not harder

  • Automatically deliver the optimal ask
  • Golden tracks key actions and models behaviors
  • AI takes out the guesswork, or you pick the triggers

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Don't Switch Tools

Integrate your existing donation processor to extend its reach to volunteers

  • Connect your existing donation tool with Golden
  • Golden collects donations through your current system
  • Or use Golden’s built-in processing if you prefer

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