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Get all your corporate, nonprofit, and volunteer stakeholders on the same webpage

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Cross-sector collaboration is easy for everyone

Aggregate all your partner organizations and their chapter networks.

  • Shared dashboards bring you closer to the organizations you champion.
  • Reveal program and market trends, without ever manually handling data.
  • Honestly measure ROI and make informed decisions together.

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Understand partner programs

Focus on key trends and opportunities today, not after annual reports.

  • Monitor organizer workflows directly, since your partners operate using Golden.
  • Access the only source to monitor audience reach, conversion, retention, value creation, virality, affiliate group membership, and donor penetration.
  • Compare entity performance with the market at large.

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Share value through infrastructure

Provide a high-security, GDPR Compliant, COPPA Compliant, anonymized-user environment for your partner ecosystem.

  • Automate inefficient processes (like volunteer management, reporting, background checks, surveying, and fundraising) through integrated services.
  • Centrally manage team member access, permissions, background checks, and more.
  • Update any modern CRM in real time with Golden data.

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Golden needs no introduction

In fact, your nonprofit partners likely use our highly-awarded Dashboards already.

  • Batch invite your nonprofit, corporate, and volunteer lists in seconds.
  • Just login through your web browser to effortlessly run your program.

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