Golden Volunteer


We strive for Golden Moments, those moments that tie us to the people around us, when you are happy where you are, and you know it.

At Golden, we believe that individuals deserve the opportunity to gain fulfillment through volunteering without having to jump through hoops.

We also believe that purposeful organizations deserve innovative tools and robust analytics to quickly accomplish their objectives with minimal logistical headaches.

Whether you are an organization looking to mobilize supporters, a company or a school looking to engage your employees and students in meaningful service, or a city or foundation looking to promote your non-profit partners and drive civic engagement, Golden is the ecosystem for you.

But at the heart of it all remains a simple notion - let's eliminate the hurdles that prevent any person from participating and contributing.

A note from the Founder & CEO

Golden is the product of nearly two decades of exploration and experimentation. I believe that technology should be used to facilitate deeper, fulfilling connections with those around us, and that true happiness comes from the satisfaction of incredible personal relationships.

By making it easier to volunteer (and to manage volunteers), more of us will be able to live longer, happier lives while simultaneously allowing organizations to move forward with their important missions. It’s been a long journey for me, but I’m thrilled to be experiencing each step, each Golden Moment.

  - Sam

Our Story
The Team

Sam Fankuchen

Founder & CEO

Prior to Golden, Sam worked in corporate innovation at Penske and as Managing Director of Applico, where he helped Google, HP, Disney and others launch new platform businesses.

Before that, he founded Pinwheel, which became the most comprehensive database of volunteer jobs open to anyone in San Francisco, and a peer counseling program that has served thousands of high school students.

He’s an accomplished entrepreneur and mentor at Launchpad LA, Amplify LA, and Stanford Haas Center for Public Service.

Sam received MA & BA degrees from Stanford, where he studied Social Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, and Design Thinking.

Rob Petit

Head of Engineering

Golden’s Head of Engineering has three decades of software development experience, most of which has involved mobile and remote computing.

In his past life, he worked in R&D labs within some of the nation’s most admired aerospace companies. Other notable accomplishments include prototyping a wearable for a major manufacturer, and incubating engineering teams within several well-known startups.

He is a lifelong volunteer and animal lover.

Craig Selmeier

Head of Platform

Craig is a multi-faceted powerhouse with years of experience earned in the startup trenches. He merges a creative and technical mindset with a focus on building stronger businesses.

Prior to Golden he helped develop and launch the award-winning flagship ed-tech platform ‘Leo’s Pad’ with Kidaptive, serving as a lead iOS developer and manager for remote teams. Following that he worked on ‘Firefly’ - a dynamic, location-based social media app focused on creating immediate connections with your peers, whose underlying technology became core geolocal IP for a major social network.

Craig strives to bring meaning and purpose to the world around him through the lens of technology. He has a long held belief that the future we get is the future we make, and it’s our duty to build it on a foundation of kindness, boldness, and benevolence.

Steve Sherrill


Steve is a multi-faceted team player with a deep connection to civic engagement. In government, he’s worked in the White House and under Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a Senior Policy Advisor. In business, he’s worked in private equity with Global Infrastructure Partners and led brand marketing and e-commerce for Royal Robbins.

Since high school, Steve has been passionate about volunteering and mentoring, specifically for middle and high school students. He has taught math, entrepreneurship, writing, and English language courses in the USA and abroad. He received his BA in political science from Yale.

Aiden Duffy

Head of Design

Aiden heads up all-things-design at Golden. With a diverse design background ranging from building Amazon Web Services’ in-house design team to brand marketing for an ethical clothing line to designing a fitness app end-to-end, she’s well-suited to the task.

Prior to Golden, she spent a few years working on a range of UX and visual design projects primarily in tech and entertainment. In search of more purpose-driven work in the social impact space, she made her way to Golden and is jazzed about changing the volunteering game.

Hallie Uhrig

Community Manager

Golden’s Community Manager is a a soon-to-be graduate at the University of Florida. It is at school, while serving as the CMO of her sorority, where Hallie found her love for volunteering and all things philanthropy.

Hallie has a background in a wide variety of creative fields including architecture, graphic design, and performing arts. At Golden, Hallie combines her passions to develop and scale innovative solutions for volunteers, organizers, and community managers across sectors.

Olivia Soule


Golden’s Editor is responsible for curating and publishing thought leadership material. She’s an MFA student in Creative Writing at University of Nevada, Reno, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing and Italian from UCLA.

She has strong interests in humanitarianism, teaching composition, writing poetry, and volunteering for a climate change organization. Three of her poems will be published in the upcoming version of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal.

Steven Du

Community Launcher

Golden’s Community Launcher is a skilled organizer and planner. He seeks to create volunteering networks and strengthen intra-community relationships.

On the side, Steven enjoys playing basketball and reading classical literature. He also creates virtual and augmented reality video games through Unity and Maya.

Steven currently studies Computer Science at the University of California Berkeley.

Johnathan Zhou

Community Launcher

Johnathan is always looking for new experiences and ideas. He strives to create substantial, organic relationships that will push all participants in a given relationship forward.

Prior to Golden, Johnathan founded and ran his own volunteering organization, and served as a junior field sales manager at an international marketing firm. In his free time, he enjoys catching up on internet culture and politics.

Johnathan is currently studying Computer Science and Economics at UC Berkeley.

Maryann Nilsen

Community Development Intern

Golden’s Community Management Intern is responsible for interacting with organizations and schools, and helping them use the platform to their advantage.

Maryann is a current high school student, who, just like everyone else on the team, loves feeling more connected to her hometown. She is a guide in SmartGirl, and is a vigorous, ambitious, hard worker who a member in National Honors Society.

Hailing from Colorado, she’s looking forward to college in the fall. She’ll be studying Pre Medicine in hopes to be an OB/GYN.