Golden vs Volunteermatch

Posted on December 22, 2016 by Sam

We’re proud of some significant advancements Golden has made to the world of recruiting volunteers. Sometimes we get asked why your organization should post on Golden, when you are used to using VolunteerMatch, HandsOn Network, Craigslist, and other websites.

Here are a few key ways you should be using Golden, regardless of whether you advertise your opportunities anywhere else online:

Better Performance

  • Reach: get in front of thousands of the correct volunteers on their phones

  • Capture: 12-20% of volunteers who see your listing will sign up for it - that’s 100x better than a typical online listing personalization

  • Retention: volunteers from Golden come back and give 4-5x the value of volunteer time of volunteers from elsewhere

  • Virality: easy sharing of your listing with friends

Higher Quality

  • Gorgeous Presentation: real pictures and straightforward descriptions

  • Optimized Listings: we have tested our format with 10,000+ user tests

  • Reviews: honest reviews from other volunteers

  • Follow-through: volunteer users get calendar alerts and integrated navigation in time to attend

Helpful Functionality

  • Reservation Caps: your listing converts to a waitlist when it is full

  • Attendance: app automatically keeps track of who showed up and how long they stayed

  • Reporting: see all data from your opportunities performance in beautiful charts

  • Audience Segmentation: list public or private opportunities

  • Background Checking: if you require a clear background check, you can restrict signups to only those who have one

Thanks and we’re excited to support your amazing work!