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Introducing the Golden Blog!

Posted on August 20, 2015 by Sam

Behind our great organization, this will be our great blog.

Whenever you’re looking for our insights and perspective, you can find it here. That means, when there’s news or inspiration worthy of sharing with our community, you’ll have a dependable place to come for honest coverage.

As you’ve surely discovered, Golden offers different value to different users. All of us can use Golden to discover noble ways to pursue our interests. Those of you at organizations that involve volunteers in your activities can use Golden to communicate your purpose in a compelling way, and recruit volunteers with zero cost and virtually zero effort. Those of you at organizations who are interested in understanding how your memberships interact with the social sector can use Golden to inform and strengthen your communities.

We’ll be here, the whole time, to help move our community forward. We plan to do that by announcing industry advancements and noteworthy events, celebrations of your stories, platform feature releases, updates on our operations, and opinions on how the future can be.

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Thanks for joining us, and here’s to the future we’re building together!